Keeping it all in the family, Andy is a certified licensed Prosthetist and Orthotist.  
Troy is learning the business from the ground up.

With immeasurable experience and a broad range of technology from the old fashioned to the sophisticated high tech, 
the most cosmetically functional lightweight devices possible are custom designed and built by the Helms to fit the individual’s needs and the Helms are willing to work with most paying entities to best serve the client.

Continuing to seek better ways to make life more independent for clients, the Helms believe that making custom appliances more responsive to the client's needs, gives the client a tool with which they can rehabilitate back to maximizing life and to help the individual client to maintain their most active lifestyle possible.

Feel free to refer any amputee even if they are currently wearing a prosthesis made elsewhere.

All clients should call for an appointment so the team approach can be maximized.  Many have commented on the benefits of seeing 3 ABC Certified Prosthetists at almost every appointment.

Grand Prosthetics & Orthotics LightWeight Artificial Limbs & Braces serves primarily the 5-state area (Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, & Texas) in the beautiful foothills of the Ozark Mountains of Northeastern Oklahoma on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees at 14th and Main in Grove 
from 9:30-4:30 Monday through Friday.

All clients are welcome to an initial consult by calling 918-786-4626 for an appointment.

The Helms welcome new clients, even those wearing limbs built elsewhere.


Grand Prosthetics and Orthotics  

Lightweight Artificial Limbs and Braces
5 East 14th Street   Grove, Ok 74344  


Both Dave and Beverly Helms attended the prosthetics program at 
Chicago's Northwestern University Medical School.  Dave also attended the New York University 
Medical School Prosthetics Program.  Both are American Board Certified Prosthetists; Dave since 
1979 following his service in the Air Force.

Aside from operating the business, Beverly, also a registered nurse, has been a guest instructor
at NEO A&M College Physical Therapy School in Miami, Oklahoma, beginning in 1997.  
Beverly contracts to work with various healthcare professionals to better understand O&P. 

Dave, a Vietnam era Veteran working on the structural components of aircraft and an inventor, 
uses technology from the old-fashioned to the sophisticated high-tech to design the 
most cosmetically functional lightweight limbs and braces possible. 
Years have been spent with the Helms listening to the wants and needs of amputees.
Armed with this information and experience, Dave has spent numerous hours inventing 
components for prostheses which now are used worldwide.
Each prosthetic limb is custom designed and built to best fit the individual's needs at that time.

As early as 1984, Dave's first marketed invention was a wrapping model training aid,
which continues to be used at colleges and in medical professional training courses. 

When replacing missing limb function, the professional obviously encounters limitations 
both cosmetically and functionally. 
Yet, 'Necessity is the Mother of Invention' … so the saying goes … and that is exactly what 
happened when in 1993, Dave invented a rotatable knee disarticulation socket attachment plate 
which has been sold as a kit to address previously tolerated limitations.   

Many varied carbon strut type feet entered the market in the early 1990's facilitating Dave's next invention, which was theHelms' Carbon Strut Alignment Fixture in 1996. 
These components have been sold worldwide to help people ambulate with a lighter,
 more cosmetic, anatomically correct prosthesis. 
The invention process continues as other needs are identified and workable solutions are realized.
In the course of continuing education and broadened experience, the Helms identify the latest in Prosthetic and Orthotic components and techniques throughout the world to enhance client independence.


"I'm so glad a friend told me about..."
Grand Prosthetics and Orthotics
Lightweight Artificial Limbs and Braces

Dave, Beverly and Andy Helms,  of Grand Prosthetics and Orthotics, continually strive to 
custom design and fabricate lightweight artificial limbs and braces meeting client's needs.  
The primary service area includes the five states of Oklahoma, Missouri
Arkansas, Kansas and Texas.
Family owned and operated 
by American Board Certified Oklahoma State Licensed Professionals

Workers Comp     Medicare-Medicaid     Private Insurance  VA

Located in Grove, Oklahoma, 
Grand Prosthetics has worked with
amputees to live a more independent life more comfortably.