Grand Towing, Wrecker and Storage was founded by the Helms family in 1996 per the request of

colleagues in the automotive industry within our community as they were discussing the need
 for a clean, dependable, ingenious, cost effective service provider.  Almost immediately the airport and both power companies asked for standby contracts during weather and community events.  

Grand Towing, Wrecker and Storage has many contracts with auto clubs, transport companies 
who deliver million dollar pieces of equipment to the hospital, boat races, fishing tournaments, etc.

Because we are personally involved with specialty car clubs, we know the importance of 

treating vehicles with care.

We happily donate our time to assist with community efforts delivering 
fresh bottled water during ice storms,  transporting ice for local fundraising 
functions, providing transportation for the area military groups, boy scouts, 
4-H, and local Playmakers in parades.

Grand Towing centers F4 71-0247on wheel mounts pad designed and installed by Helms

Appointments Required       After Hours may incur extra charges
64100 E. 290 Rd  1 mile East of Grove Airport
24915 N US Hwy 59  1 mile North of Sailboat Bridge
MAILING ADDRESS:   PO Box 451557  Grove, OK 74345-1557

Grand Towing centers F4 on wheel mounts pad designed and installed by Helms


Grand Towing, Wrecker and Storage  

918-786-2828   Grove, OK